Below, 70.71Group Chairman Anthony Awimbo gives insight upon the ideas which gave raise to Studio70.71.

“Studio7071 was intended to make a significant contribution to the development of Architecture and Design via the internet and develop into a business on a global scale. The goal was to establish itself as the leading ‘Design Student Gallery in Europe’, expanding globally and to achieve ‘critical mass’ by targeting top design orientated employers with an employee database. This was a grand idea at the time, but like many grand ideas there was need for support to help realise it……”

“There is an old model view of the architectural profession, that it simply has to adapt in the business sense….Many practitioners are coming to terms with this and as a consequence the ‘profession’ and the ‘education’ of the profession is gradually changing in the UK. Architects have to become business men and women from a grass-roots level very early on.”

“The stakeholders in the various companies within 70.71Group are innovative leaders in their areas of expertise; they also have a unique opportunity to have parallel investment vehicles in these core areas of expertise.

To date we have three projects under registered subsidiary companies in the transportation, investment and construction sectors; namely 70.71Invesntments, 70.71Transport and Studio70.71.

These Group synergies will help diversify into other components in the future. One of our core competencies, architectural design and facilitation, remains a key focus in which we hope builds upon the foundation created by Studio70.71.”

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