Benchmarking our development is reflected in a common sense approach to understanding what our objectives are as an SME business and aligning this within the Architectural profession; hence our decision to become an RIBA Chartered Practice in 2012. With a view also on scalability in the future, gearing the way we develop now will inform and influence how this achieved. This is why Studio70.71 see’s collaboration, BIM and an adaptive mind-set key to the learning process.

We have previous experience of Public Sector Healthcare design – PFI and LIFT, Design Consultancy involvement on Education Framework Agreements, DFEE Suitability Assessments and Asset Management Plan Survey work, both private Speculative Development  and Housing Association residential schemes, Retail Commercial, Feasibility Bid submissions, Planning and Building Control applications, as well as Design Competitions. This directs much of our JV bid selection, Framework selection and CPD orientation respectively.

Adaptive in our business outlook we seek to implement USP’s through new forms of project information management and sharing, collaborative project data sharing through structured platforms with the intention for a seamless integration. Such processes aid in imbuing ‘understanding’ with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and other Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) consultancies for sequential design development.

Key decisions in the delivery of our information production include;

BIM / CAD integration

Return on Investment (ROI) forms a key element within any business, business-profession and business strategy. The use of BIM software can greatly improve ROI depending upon the both the design and integration approach of its user.

Congruency throughout the design process between consultants is key to delivering seamless sequential design development. For this reason Studio70.71 utilises Revit BIM software and implementation of the AEC (UK) BIM Standards for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry in the UK.

Geographically BIM software is becoming a normal, allowing emphasis to be placed more on integration and communication throughout the design process, workable within agreed fees and time-scales for earlier value engineered designed solutions.

CRM integration

The use of CRM within Studio70.71 provides a streamline inventory process which aids our Service and Fees accounting and record management. CRM information also informs our QMS and QA procedures as well as acting as a Business Benchmarking tool.

The use of Skype

The use of Skype within the 70.71Group synergy is commensurate with achieving efficient turnaround times for both information production and ideas exchange. As emerging markets and developed markets converge on a ‘level playing field’ of information communication opportunity, Studio70.71 acknowledges that key to maintaining 70.71Group and Client confidence are immediate low cost communication capabilities.

BPO Outsourcing

Where required we have links ‘within and without’ the 70.71Group synergy for strategic scalable information production nationally and globally. Outsourcing provides a larger pooling of resources allowing for a front-end focus on final release of information and packaging. Studio70.71Limited requires all our outsourcing agents to carry the appropriate PII prior to any formal contracting as well as comply with the respective territorial legislation for their company’s administration and professional conduct.


Carbon Social Responsibility (CSR) through the voluntary carbon market is an emerging market for investment opportunity as well as providing a platform for corporate identities and brands alike to actively Carbon Trade and Carbon Off-set. Studio70.71 acknowledges CSR and its importance in today's global business conscious awareness and will seek opportunities through synergy connections and beyond to develop its environmental credentials. The continent of Africa is positioned well with the implementation of UN REDD and VCS approved schemes for VCM investment.

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